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You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a great bottle of wine. But your wine should always be special.

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We pour our heart and soul into making quality wine. The world’s top critics have taken notice.

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At its core, a glass of wine should taste great. It should be true to the grape and true to the land. We’ve been making wine this way in California since 1968. Fifty years later, there’s still a delicious bottle of Fetzer to reach for on any given Tuesday night. These are wines that never compromise on flavor, never cut corners on quality. Great taste, pure and simple.

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A Mindful Approach


Barney Fetzer held a simple philosophy: What’s good for the Earth is good for the grape, and what’s good for the grape is good for the wine. It was true 50 years ago, and it will still be true 50 years from now. Everything we do—how we nurture our land, how we make our wine—reflects a longstanding commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment. Because how we care for the Earth matters.

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At the Table


As early pioneers of the farm-to-table movement, we value simple recipes with fresh ingredients. In our view, wine is meant to be shared over a great meal. We make our wines to fulfill that promise. Whether you’re bringing in weeknight take-out or hosting a dinner party, we’ve got your wine selection covered. And we know our way around the kitchen, too.

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