Certified B Corp

Fetzer is a B Corp

Certified B Corporations are a community of committed leaders, driving a global movement toward building a more inclusive, sustainable economy that benefits everyone. This conscious business structure balances purpose and profit and meets some of the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. The B Corp framework is an empowering tool for methodically and consistently improving our operations and a way to benchmark and challenge our capacity to provide benefit for people and the planet.

We don’t want to brag, but as a Certified B Corporation we get to rub elbows with some pretty incredible brands who’ve also made this commitment—like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and Seventh Generation—and stand with more than 3,800 companies worldwide that seek to fulfill the B Corp mission of using business as a force for good. We work together with other B Corps as much as possible to inspire more good in the world through conscious partnerships that make us beam with pride and purpose (below are some of our current partnerships).

We create delicious wine and chocolate pairings for you to find at retail (available only in some markets).

Through our unique human powered business practices, we make world class beer for everyone, we do right by people, we inspire social and environmental change and we have a lot of fun along the way.

We are promoting Soma’s great reusable water bottles with our trade and media partners.

This great group takes good care of our social media and helps keep you engaged and informed.

Business As A Force For Good

We Choose Good, Every Day

Our goal is ambitious, and worthwhile: to ultimately give back more than we take from the world. In 2015, our company became a Certified B Corporation by meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. These standards measure our day-to-day operations and contextualize how they create a positive impact for our workers, community, and environment. They also give us operation guidelines that restore, revitalize, and regenerate ecosystems and communities, while producing premium quality wines, advancing the health and well-being of workers, and producing sustainable growth for shareholders.

B Lab’s Impact Assessment

We look to nonprofit B Lab’s B Impact Assessment (BIA) to quantify our overall social and environmental performance. The BIA takes into account the size, industry, and location of each business to make an assessment of overall impact as accurate as possible.

16.6 Governance
18.2 Workers
21.6 Community
38.7 Environment

Fetzer’s Overall Score

Certified B Corps must re-certify every three years and we must achieve a minimum verified score of 80 points to be a B Corp. Our most recent verified assessment of 95.1 took place in 2017. We will update the results of our 2020 assessment soon.



We are committed to practices and policies that keep us aligned to our mission and ethics in all aspects of our business through close governance of how our operations and business model impact our workers, community, environment, and customers.



A diverse and healthy team is our top priority. Through pioneering programs, we support our workers’ health, wellness, and personal and professional development to promote greater quality of life for the people we rely on most.



Mendocino County has been our home for more than 50 years. Whether it’s working alongside nonprofit groups or supporting youth and causes we believe in, contributing to our community and its diversity (including our suppliers) has always been a pillar of our commitments.



Continuous improvement is the key to a truly sustainable tomorrow, so we set goals for environmental performance, track and report our progress, and keep searching for ways to do more good and make better happen.

Our company is committed to reducing our carbon footprint where possible and offsetting what we can’t to achieve net zero operations across all scopes of business by 2030. Everything we do reflects our deep commitment to giving more than we take and at the top of that list is supporting our climate positive goal—in line with and beyond B Lab’s Net Zero 2030 campaign. Our plans to achieve climate positive operations include reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout all scopes of our business, including transportation and product end-of-life, while increasing carbon drawdown through renewable energy and enhanced regenerative agriculture programs. We are proud to be part of the most proactive climate action effort to exemplify true leadership in a time of severe environmental and economic unrest and uncertainty.


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