A Good Today.
A Better Tomorrow.

We depend on the planet to sustain us, so it only makes sense that we do more to consider the health of the earth. Everything we do reflects our deep commitment to giving more than we take and supporting our carbon positive goal—in line with and beyond B Lab’s Net Zero 2030 campaign. To make it happen, we’re focusing our sustainability practices on energy, water and waste.
We’re a CarbonNeutral® winery—the first winery to receive this certification in the U.S. in fact—which we think is super cool. To achieve this we use renewable energy from rooftop solar panels to power our facility, supplemented by purchased wind, geothermal and other certified renewable resources. And when we need a zap of non-renewable electricity, normally between 4 to 5% each year, we buy carbon credits to offset our impact and stay neutral. We also monitor and offset other greenhouse gas emissions across our operations.

Fetzer Fact:

In 2019, we saved enough energy to power about 73 homes for a whole year through our renewable sources.

Fetzer Fact:

We’ve saved enough water to skip about 2.3 million warm showers over the last 5 years.

Every drop counts.

We’ve reduced our water intensity by up to 25%, by pairing innovative technologies with old-school techniques to be more efficient. We rely on cloud computing—which is like data clouds helping real clouds—that uses digital sensors to monitor the moisture levels of the grapes and soil and turn that into data to ensure no water is wasted in the vineyards. And then there’s the worms (yes, worms!) who efficiently treat our wastewater.
We’re a big deal, with nothing to show for it! As the first TRUE ZeroWaste Certified winery in the world, we are highly efficient with our waste and put our creative hats on daily to champion new ways to remove waste and nonrecyclable materials from our production process.

Fetzer Fact:

We normally reuse or recycle 97 to 98% of our waste.


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